Welcome to Bushwhacker Bend Winery

Bushwhacker Bend Winery is a unique, local venue situated on the bank of the Missouri River in delightful Glasgow, Missouri. We not only welcome special events, but we also invite our guests to bring a lunch from a local restaurant or bakery and enjoy a glass of Bushwhacker Bend wine on our tranquil, river view deck. We also offer delectable cheeses and snacks that are hand-picked to accompany our wines.

Bushwhacker Bend's fine selection of wines are never boring and our staff truly represents Missouri's charming hospitality. We are eager to make you a fan of the wines we are proud of! The Norton, Chambourcin, Grape Shot Red, Rivers Edge White, Wheelhouse White, and River Rat Rose are not to be missed... and neither is the stunning river view!

With a winning combination of exquisite wines, hospitality, and scenery, Bushwhacker Bend Winery is truly a sip of Missouri splendor!   


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